Linkage Technologies Private Limited.


"Innovative and advanced planning, along with quality workmanship and professional standards, comprise the cornerstones of our business. Our workload is commensurate with our client's needs to ensure our satisfactory performance on our projects. Catering to a wide variety of clientele is our competitive advantage as our scope extends from building a residential kitchen to huge commercial building that encapsulates almost every type of professional service requirement"

Our team of experts have a combined experience of more than 50 years in the field of construction and office interiors, in the process we have worked with almost all the major architects in the country, including

  • Ali Naqvi
  • Najeeb Umer
  • Shariq Saud
  • Aqeel Bilgrami
  • Fahim khatri
  • Ameer ali Qamar
  • MAC Studio
  • Studio Subtractive
  • Shirjeel Hamid

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