Linkage Technologies Private Limited.

Linkages Consultant and Developers, being a highly innovative and reliable construction related consulting firm brings together a valuable combination of expertise and professional management. We understand that our clients rely on us to perform on their behalf in an ethical manner thus we involve them in every step of the planning and development phase to ensure transparency.

Innovative and advanced planning, along with quality workmanship and professional standards, comprise the cornerstones of our business. Our workload is commensurate with our client's needs to ensure our satisfactory performance on our projects. Catering to a wide variety of clientele is our competitive advantage as our scope extends from building a residential kitchen to huge commercial building that encapsulates almost every type of professional service requirement.  

Our core business philosophy revolves around two key concepts; strict adherence to construction schedules and completion of the project within budget whilst without comprising on service quality. We try to share the same vision as our clients from the initial conception phase till the final completion to convert their dreams into reality!



“Sharing the dreams of our clients and using our professional consulting services to convert them into reality in the most cost efficient manner while maintaining highest level of quality.” 


“We aspire to become the paramount of trust and reliability in the construction industry through our extensive focus on client involvement and timely delivery.”

Core Values

We fulfill our corporate vision and embrace excellence in the following values:

  1. Continuous improvement: Raising the bar of services periodically and effective business process re-engineering helps us to continuously improve

  1. Accountability: We take ownership for our work and expect the same from our business partners.

  1. Efficiency: Professional management ensures minimal cost and maximum service delivery at linkage consultants, which facilitates us to extend top of the line services to the end consumer.

  1. Human Resource: We consider our employees our greatest asset and provide them a healthy work environment.

  1. Integrity: Ethical standards are kept on the highest notch in our list of priorities.

  1. Safety: The safety of our employees, anyone visiting our projects and the neighboring community shall be paramount to the construction schedule.

  1. Teamwork: Our customers, architects, subcontractors and vendors are treated as business partners who share common goals.

  1. Profitability:  We take pride in generating profits through honest and fair means and work aggressively to sustain them.


The people at Linkage Consultant and Developers show strong commitment towards the following goals in order to accomplish our strategies:  

  • To evaluate every assigned project with complete objectivity and prudence in order to provide the client a true representation of the facts.

  • To hold on to professional conduct at all times and provide appropriate advice and service level.

  • Continuous advancement of our professional knowledge and expertise while also ensuring compliance with rules and regulations relating to our industry.

  • We would provide true value for client’s money by charging fees that matches with the level of service and the responsibility undertaken by us.

  • To develop a healthy competitive environment within the organization and with outside vendors.

Keeping relevant information regarding clients and business partners highly confidential while simultaneously preventing any conflict of interest amongst our clients.


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